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DYONYX in an innovative, award-winning IT solutions provider dedicated to helping government and commercial clients across the globe solve multiple problems through one delivery system. Our aim is to improve your productivity and security and reduce your costs and risk through a proven set of methodologies, extensive experience, deep skills and world-class service at reasonable rates.

Designing Compliant and Sustainable Security Programs
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The subject of this White Paper addresses several methods that have been successfully employed by DYONYX to efficiently design, and more importantly can be used to sustain, compliant Security Programs. Security Programs, in the context of this discussion, include the underlying policies, procedures, processes, instructions, controls, metrics, and evidentiary documentation required to comply with the requisite standards and, of course, to secure protected infrastructures and related sensitive information. While cyber security is the predominant focus of most Security Program discussions, physical security is an equally integral component of Security Programs and is applicable to the discussions herein.
Modernized Approach to Data Storage
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Storage demands continue to increase, with little predictability in account growth. There is a need to scale, tier, and provide on-demand capacity. Current challenges lie in proper charge backs, multi-tenancy, encryption, and managing data. Transparent reporting, real-time performance monitoring, ticketing and service desk integration capabilities are additional features that should be available to customers.
A PUP Cannot Give Birth to Better HUP
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Despite spending $millions on Procedure Upgrade Projects (PUPs), there is no difference in Human Performance (HUP).
Benefits Of Defining an Enterprise Security Framework for Electric Utilities
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There is a lot of activity in the electric utility industry today regarding the implementation of new information technology, cloud computing, server virtualization, mobile computing, smart grid, and effective disaster recovery processes. An underlying concern in moving forward with any of these initiatives is security.
Service Desk Tier Levels
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The ITIL based Service Desk Tier baseline is determined by the number of end users eligible to call into the service desk, which is typically the total authorized staffing for the organization and is referred to as seats. We assign priority status dependent on the urgency of the issue. In addition, our clients can also designate “VIPs” in the company who have the ability to escalate issues within the tiered system and are provided priority support. The Service Desk will assign priority to calls based on several factors to include the severity of the Incident, the length of time the call has been open, the nature and criticality of the failure impact, and the user involved.
Top 10 Compliance Issues for Implementing Security Programs
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This White Paper articulates the top ten issues that we have encountered in the design and implementation of comprehensive Security Programs. Security Programs, in this context, are defined as policies, procedures, processes, evidentiary documentation and cyber and physical security vulnerability assessments.